Weekly Newsletter #4

We will be keeping it local this week – with wines from Spookfontein in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. The rocky soil and a cool breeze coming up the valley from the sea in the evenings help winemaker Hannes Storm to create wines of a completely different character than others one will find in the Valley. Join us to taste the Spookfontein wines this Friday 24 August (3pm – 6pm).

Now in Stock: BLANKbottle Winemaker Pieter Walser says, “When I started BLANKbottle, my goal was to create an honest wine brand that had no limitations when it came to style, vintage, area or cultivars in order to break down any preconceived expectations. Having no indication of cultivar on the bottle makes this possible. Not only does it demand complete honesty when it comes to quality, but it allows me the opportunity to introduce once-off limited runs of interesting wines. Its flexibility turned out to be BLANKbottle’s edge. Something for someone with an open mind and an adventurous heart.” We are happy to have Pieter’s wines on our shelves!