Julien Schaal Confluence Chardonnay

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This Chardonnay come from a exclusive single block in Upper Hemel-en-Aarde. The soil is predominantly Malmesbury Shale (a duplex structure). The top layer consists of a mixture of clay (15-30%) and gravel (ironstone and granite particles) and the lower layer is clay shale, which secures a source of moisture. The valley is surrounded and sheltered by a mountain barrier, formed by Galpin Peak (810 meters) and the Tower of Babel (1200 meters), which traps the cloud cover and moisture brought in from the sea by the prevailing wind.

The grapes are picked by hand at the coolest time of the day. After a gentle pressing, and a stating setting, the juice goes to 300 litres barrels. Long fermentation allow the wine to show all its potential. The wine then is aged­­­ a minimum of 12 months in wood.

“Tangy, tart, sour plums and green apples combine with creamy, mealy note. This attempt at serious Chablis that provides a satisfying alternative.” Greg Sherwood MW – DECANTER